Noor Design UK Design Team Call

Noor! Design UK did a post on their blog, that they are looking for new 1-2 new DT members. More about it here.

I got an email about the DT call and I got really excited about the opportunity. I see it a perfect way develop my scrapbooking creativity. To have this motivation and purpose to make projects, keep my blog and Instagram up to date, and I am especially excited about the opportunity to get to chat with the Girlies behind the scenes!


Little bit about me.

I am originally from Estonia. That’s also where it all started, I even was for a while in a designer team on an Estonian blog.

Then I went to continue my education in Denmark and till a moment my scrapbooking hobby stopped. But recently something brought me back to it and I got to meet fellow scrapers and even got to be at some scrapbooking conventions in Denmark.

Over the years a lot has changed in scrapbooking and I am trying to catch up with some new techniques.

And being a DT member at Noor! Design UK will be a great challenge and a great motivation to create!


As a present from my friend I got this cute stamp of a girl. And this is the card I did, using as well one of my new stencils.

scrapbooking card


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