Mixed media tag

This is my first project in mixed media style.

I got inspired by color palette from mood board on Mixed media and art blog’s August challenge. 

I decorated the tag with buttons, half pearls, old zipper some flowers, cheese cloth, cardboard and  I used my big shot for die cutting the dream catcher. I covered all emblemishments in layer of gesso. And then I used mix of green and gold acrylic paint.

And for the last layer I used metallic wax in white gold and a bit in copper (Finnabair Prima). As a finishing touch I added tiny bit of glitter.

Also taking part in another mixed media challenge from Scrap from your heart challenge blog.


mixed media





Noor Design UK Design Team Call

Noor! Design UK did a post on their blog, that they are looking for new 1-2 new DT members. More about it here.

I got an email about the DT call and I got really excited about the opportunity. I see it a perfect way develop my scrapbooking creativity. To have this motivation and purpose to make projects, keep my blog and Instagram up to date, and I am especially excited about the opportunity to get to chat with the Girlies behind the scenes!


Little bit about me.

I am originally from Estonia. That’s also where it all started, I even was for a while in a designer team on an Estonian blog.

Then I went to continue my education in Denmark and till a moment my scrapbooking hobby stopped. But recently something brought me back to it and I got to meet fellow scrapers and even got to be at some scrapbooking conventions in Denmark.

Over the years a lot has changed in scrapbooking and I am trying to catch up with some new techniques.

And being a DT member at Noor! Design UK will be a great challenge and a great motivation to create!


As a present from my friend I got this cute stamp of a girl. And this is the card I did, using as well one of my new stencils.

scrapbooking card

Gift box /коробочка

The main inspiration for this project was the paper from RiddersHolmDesign. I felt in love with splashes in pastel colors.

I also recently received a stencil from dutch Doobadoo and had to put it in use.

And with spring coming, maybe not that much outside (at least here in Denmark), but definitely in the heart 🙂 And this is how this little box got born.

I am also entering those challenges:


Noor !Design U.K

Deep Ocean – flowers

Through the purple haze – everything goes

gift box handmade scrpabooking papercraft mixedmedia коробочка подарок скрапбукинг

    gift box handmade scrpabooking papercraft mixedmedia коробочка подарок скрапбукинг

DIY Bath Balls / Бомбочки для ванны. Мастер класс

Bath Bombs

I think bath balls are a nice addition to a bath time, can be a gift for loved ones or can be used just as scent for room.

bath bomb bath balls handmade diy bath boms recipe бомбочки для банны мастер класс


  • Baking soda – 4 table spoons
  • Citric acid – 2 table spoons
  • Sea salt – 1 tbsp
  • Corn starch – 1 tbsp
  • Oil (olive, almond or coconut) – 1 tbsp (I used sweet almond oil)
  • Essential oil – 10-15 drops (I used lemongrass essential oil. You can always google effect of specific essential oils, to find the one that fits you the most or just choose by aroma.
  • Food coloring

This recipe is for three bath balls.

bath bomb bath balls handmade diy bath boms recipe бомбочки для банны мастер класс


  • Mix soda, citric acid, corn starch and sea salt
  • add oil and essential oil
  • add food coloring – till the desired shade achieved
  • a bit of water form a spray bottle, so the mixture will stick together, be careful not to have to much water. Spray a bit- mix, if needed spray more. You should have a mixture with the consistency of slightly damp sand. It should clump together when you squish it.
Once your mixture is together, you have a pretty limited amount of time in which to get it into molds.

Press the bath bomb mixture into the mold.

You don’t need to leave them in the mold for very long for about a minute is enough.
Allow the bombs to dry.

Store the bath bombs.

I keep them in food film.

Keep them away from moisture until they are ready to use.

Homemade bath bombs don’t have any preservatives, so it’s best to use them within a few months.

Enjoy your bath bombs in a relaxing bath!


Бомбочки для ванны


И так нам понадобится:

  • Пищевая сода – 4 столовых ложек
  • Лимонная кислота – 2 столовых ложек
  • Морская соль – 1 столовая ложка
  • Кукурузный крахмал – 1 столовая ложка
  • Масло (оливковое, миндальное или кокосовое) – 1 ст.л (я использовала масло сладкого миндаля)
  • Эфирное масло (на ваш вкус) – 10- 15 капель (я выбрала лемонграсс)
  • Пищевой краситель
  • эфирное масло (на ваш вкус) – 10- 15 капель

Рецепт рассчитан на 3 бомбочки



  • Смешиваем соду, лимонную кислоту, кукурузный крахмал и морскую соль
  • Добавляем масло и также добавляем эфирное масло
  • Далее добавляем краситель, по чуть-чуть, пока не получиться желаемый оттенок
  • немного воды из опрыскивателя или пулевизатора, опрыскиваем по чуть-чуть. На этом моменте надо быть внимательной, что бы не переборщить с водой. Наша цель что бы смесь хорошо лепилась.

Затем плотно утрамбовымаем смесь в формочки.

Оставляем бомбочки в формочках на несколько минут, пару минут вполне достаточно.
Достаем и оставляем сушиться.
Заворачиваем шарики в пищевую пленку.

Теперь можно принять ванну и расслабится 🙂